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Does Bee Venom Therapy Actually Work?

One of the main dangers associated with bees is their ability to sting you with venom that could potentially be life-threatening. So, it might surprise you that some people actually use the venom as therapy for medical conditions. The use of bee venom therapy is called apitherapy. It is used to ease symptoms that result from diseases such as arthritis, tendonitis, multiple sclerosis, and tendonitis. Although the medicinal effects haven’t been scientifically proven yet, it is actively being studied and used. But is it worth the sting?

How Is Bee Venom Therapy Administered?

People receive bee venom therapy in two different ways. The original way is by administering the venom directly from the bees. The person giving the treatment holds the bee between tweezers (or another small instrument) and places the bee on the patient’s body that is receiving the injection. Naturally, the bee reacts and stings the patient. The amount of stings you receive depends on the treatment. Some people can get up to 80 stings a day!

The second method of receiving the therapy is through a syringe. This might be less nerve-racking. The person giving treatment doesn’t use live bees at the moment. Again, the amount of shots depends on the treatment.

There Isn’t Enough Scientific Evidence

Natural medications are becoming more and more popular these days. Therefore, there has been an increase in the interest of a bee venom’s therapeutic value. However, personal testimonials aren’t enough. Scientific studies have been conducted on animals in the past. This therapy may have some ability to lessen the pain and inflammation of arthritis, but the results are not conclusive. There hasn’t been enough studies on humans, and the ones that have been conducted didn’t show the patients improving any faster than the ones that didn’t receive the therapy.

The Danger of Allergic Reactions

About 5-7.5% of the population will experience allergic reactions to bees. You should speak with your doctor and get tested for a bee sting allergy, before considering bee venom therapy. People that are allergic can have very severe reactions that can even result in death. 

Stay Safe with Little Giant Beekeepers

As you can see, bee venom therapy hasn’t gotten the green light from scientists yet. Although getting stung on purpose can have potentially healing effects, it is far from painless. Don’t get stung accidentally when you can avoid it, especially since it can be life-threatening to those that are allergic. Little Giant Beekeepers can ensure that your property is cleared from these threats. 

We know how important bees are to the ecosystem and all the health benefits they can provide. That’s why we practice safe and ethical beehive removals to protect the bees and your home. Our expert team has been providing bee removal services to residential and commercial properties for nearly 40 years. There isn’t a job that is too big or too little for us. Give us a call today to get started!

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