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Meet The Best Local Beekeepers

Welcome to Little Giant Beekeepers, where we’re passionate about beekeeping and promoting sustainable practices. We understand the importance of these tiny creatures and the vital role they play in our ecosystem. Our mission is to promote sustainable beekeeping practices and to educate the public about the significance of bees.

Our skilled and dedicated employees are committed to providing high-quality service to our customers. They are experts in all aspects of beekeeping and work tirelessly to ensure the health and productivity of our bees. We believe in creating a positive and supportive work environment and encourage our employees to continue learning and growing in their roles. Learn more about our team of beekeepers by reading their bios below.

Meet Jefferson - Field Services Manager

Jefferson bio

Jefferson Souza is a Field Service Manager & Lead Bee Removal Technician at Little Giant Beekeepers, where he provides service to both residential and commercial customers.  He helps them remove bee infestations by transferring them to our company beehives or other local beekeepers’ properties.  He also manages the technician’s routes, trains all new employees, and assists with full hive removals.

Jefferson has a diverse background.  Prior to joining Little Giant Beekeepers, he worked in numerous fields of customer service, including hospitality, food service, and transportation. With 20 + years of experience in the Bee Removal industry, Jefferson brings valuable skills and knowledge to our team. This experience along with his bright, sunny disposition, work ethic, and fun sense of humor makes him an indispensable part of our family business.

When Jefferson is not working, he enjoys traveling and going to movies whenever he gets the chance.  He always makes time to help friends and family with anything they need from watching nieces and nephews, cooking, translating, and various other projects.

As a member of the Little Giant Beekeepers team, Jefferson takes pride in supporting all team members.  He loves to joke with everyone and loves bringing happiness and joy to others to lift and motivate them.

Meet Missy - Office Manager

Missy Martin is an office manager and hive removal specialist at Little Giant Beekeepers, where she books all hive removals and answers phones with customer service to educate people on bees who have them on their property and explain the best course of action for them. With 8 years of experience in the bee industry, Missy brings valuable skills and knowledge to our team.

Prior to joining Little Giant Beekeepers, Missy held positions in account management. When Missy is not working, she enjoys bowling and spending time with her family. She also attends church and volunteers there as needed. She especially enjoys sharing her time during Christmas, when she helps those in the community who can’t afford gifts for their kids.

As a member of the Little Giant Beekeepers team, Missy takes pride in her customer service skills in helping customers. She particularly enjoys helping customers by explaining what is “happening” with bees on their property and providing the best course of action for them. Missy’s favorite part of working with Little Giant Beekeepers is helping customers and treating people fairly and honestly. 

Meet Missy

Meet Manoel - Bee Removal Field Technician

Manoel is a bee removal field technician.  He travels the Dallas ft worth metroplex removing honeybee swarms, live exposed hives, and performs treatments when necessary.  When not working, he likes to travel, watch movies, play soccer and spend time with family and friends.

Manoel & Missy
Manoel & Missy
Meet Manoel
Meet Shelly

Meet Shelly - Customer Service Representative

Shelly is a customer service representative at Little Giant Beekeepers, where she answers calls and questions from customers. She also sets appointments and dispatches our wonderful beekeepers. With 3 years of experience in the bee industry, Shelly brings valuable skills and knowledge to our team.

Prior to joining Little Giant Beekeepers, Shelly worked as a teacher’s aide for five years and as a Police Officer for 4 years. When Shelly is not working, she enjoys baking, crafting, and fishing. She also helps the Deafblind Community as well as the less fortunate by distributing meals to those in need.

As a member of the Little Giant Beekeepers team, Shelly takes pride in customer service, knowing that staying calm and focused brings assurance to customers. She particularly enjoys working with customers and being part of a team that works together to better our communities.

Meet Sandor

Meet Sandor - Bee Removal Specialist

Sandor Marozsan is a bee removal specialist at Little Giant Beekeepers, where he removes beehives from people’s eaves, walls, roofs, and wherever else they may have decided to locate. With 43 years of experience in the beekeeping industry, Sandor brings valuable skills and knowledge to our team.

Sandor joined Little Giant Beekeepers at the ripe old age of 11. After he graduated from high school, Sandor joined the U.S. Army as a military intelligence linguistic specialist. He kept a few beehives during his military career and would come home on leave and do some removals for the fun of it. After more than 25 years of military, Sandor retired and decided to return to his first love of beekeeping. 

When Sandor is not working, he enjoys wrenching on his racecar to get it ready for the next track event. He enjoys building cars for friends and fixing cars for his family. He is a member of the East Texas Beekeepers Association, which helps him keep up to date on any bee issues.

As a member of the Little Giant Beekeepers team, Sandor takes pride in leaving each job with a finished product that looks like he was never there.  He particularly enjoys the look of surprise on a customer’s face.  

When asked about his work at Little Giant Beekeepers, Sandor said “working at Little Giant Beekeepers is like being part of a big family, and I love my family.”

Meet Joe - Bee Removal Specialist

Joe is a bee removal specialist at Little Giant Beekeepers where he removes bees from residential and commercial establishments which are relocated to a new home away from any dangerous settings.  Any excess honey is removed from the original hive, strained, bottled, and given away to family, friends, and people in the community.  He was introduced to beekeeping at the age of 17 by his father.  They had a small ranch, near Buffalo, TX, where they built an 1800-square-foot cabin from the ground up and they managed several beehives. On average they would harvest around 300lbs of honey every year and share it with family and friends. With the knowledge Joe attained during those early years, he brings valuable skills and knowledge to our team.

Joe has been in the Hospitality industry for 35 years and one of his greatest joys is pleasing and making people happy.  He delivers friendly, professional, and courteous service to all his customers when doing a hive removal and makes sure they are pleased before leaving a completed job.

When Joe is not working, he enjoys playing golf, sailing, fishing, and of course beekeeping.  Joe is trying to make connections with DISD to help introduce the importance of beekeeping to children and young students across the metroplex, so they will get a better perspective and help in the preservation of bees today and in the near future.

Joe takes pride in providing quality service to all his customers from the moment he arrives on their premises.  He enjoys talking to and educating people about how important bees are in our community.

Meet Joe
Meet Tristan

Meet Tristan - Bee Removal Specialist

Tristan is a bee removal specialist at Little Giant Beekeepers, where he removes establishes beehives from various structures.  With several years of experience in the construction industry, Tristan brings valuable skills and knowledge to our team.

Prior to joining Little Giant Beekeepers, Tristan worked in construction and completed many projects.He worked in roofing, framing houses, shingle repair, insulation, pouring concrete, building fences, landscaping flooring, and basic handyman repairs.

Tristan is currently working on his bachelor’s degree in behavioral economics.

When Tristan is not working, he enjoys being outside and staying active. He is an avid soccer player and athlete, and he enjoys hunting quail, elk, and deer. He also likes working out and staying fit while he studies kinesiology. 

He also enjoys volunteering in the community occasionally doing landscaping for the elderly or helping out at local dog shelters.

As a member of the Little Giant Beekeepers team, Tristan takes pride in customer service, happy customers, getting a job don’t correctly, and cleanliness. When Tristan comes to your home for a removal, you will receive great customer service, and efficiency, and will be able to call yourself a happy customer.

More About Our Team

What do you enjoy most about working at Little Giant Beekeepers?

“I love that this is a small, family-owned business and the pride we take in being honest with our customers. Yes, we are here to make money, however treating people honestly is most important to us all and, of course, taking care of their issues.” – Missy

“I love working for a company that cares about their employees, the people they serve, and the environment!” – Shelly

“I love nature and bees are a fascinating part of nature as a whole.” – Sandor

“The ability to help so many people each day makes me happy.  Many of our jobs are emergency situations with scared customers.  I always do my very best to resolve our customers’ bee issues, helping them to feel safe and comfortable in their spaces again.” – Manoel

“I think it’s that our company roots are in the Dallas metro area and we’re like a ma and pa company. We’re not a corporation, we are very down-to-earth and set very realistic expectations of ourselves and our customers.” – Tristan

The Little Giant Beekeeper Crew

What differentiates Little Giant Beekeepers from the competition?

“We care about delivering quality service and we love bees.” – Joe

“We care about each customer and the honesty we have.” – Shelly

“Several things separate us from our competition. Again, being honest with our customers and doing the job right the first time. We do not lie to our customers just to get their business. We also educate our customers and offer a warranty for our work because we know the job is being done correctly the first time. Everyone is charged and treated the same. We also offer senior and veteran discounts to help those who are older and on fixed incomes and to honor those who have served our country.” – Missy

“Little Giant Beekeepers is a family that happens to take care of people’s bee problems. It is that “family ” environment that makes the difference. When you work with family, you care about the family image. So you put your heart into it and do your best to not disappoint the rest of your family.” – Sandor

“The difference between Little Giant Beekeepers and other companies is we have a great team devoted to their job and total customer satisfaction.” Manoel

Jefferson Bee door

What is a particularly challenging or unique bee removal experience you had?

“Live removals are always the most challenging and at the same time the most rewarding.  Not only do you have to try to find the queen in a swarm or hive mixed in with thousands of worker bees, but also make sure the bees are safely relocated. The process is long and tiring, but it is very rewarding.” – Joe

“In 2020, I was called out on a “beehive” in the ground in a back yard. I knew right away that it was not a bee hive.  Since bees do not build deep into the ground, I knew it was Southern Yellow Jackets. What I was not aware of was just how big it was.  The colony occupied an area of about 1.5 cubic yards under a tree. It used the root system as the support structure for the nest. I guesstimate the colony to have been at least 500,000 in strength and growing fast. The unhatched larva and brood were another 200,000 or so. So, the colony was growing fast. Only the second time in my life, I was a bit scared on the job.” – Sandor


What inspires you to work in the bee removal industry?

“Providing a haven for the queen and her colony.” – Joe

“My work contributes to our ecosystem- by saving bees and relocating them to a new apiary.” – Manoel

“To better shape people’s perspective of bees by educating and demonstrating that bees are good, not scary. I love bees and we need the bees, plus I like to help people” – Tristan

What are some of the most interesting or memorable bee removals you have done?

“Once I removed a beehive from a large soda plant and the hive had blood-red honey.” – Jefferson

“One of my most memorable bee removals was a church in South Dallas. The pastor said the bees have been there for at least 17 years. The church hadn’t minded them being there until they started to sting the parishioners as they were approaching the main entrance. The bees had filled the 2nd story wall, floor to ceiling more than 8 feet wide.” – Sandor

How do you approach bee removal in a way that is both safe and environmentally conscious?

“Our technicians treat other people’s houses as they treat their own. They go into the structure at the most precise location of their hive. Everything is put back how it was before they had bees so that no one knows anything was done. If a removal has to be done from the inside (we do not do drywall repairs), after all hive material is removed, cleaned, and sterilized, the technician covers the area until the sheetrock can be repaired. We don’t leave it exposed. This gives our customers peace of mind as well.” – Missy

What are some misconceptions people may have about bee removal?

“Most people think if they seal up a beehive entrance at night, while the bees are resting, the bees will die. The truth is, the bees will always find a way out, even if that means eating through the plugged hole.  Bees have a food supply of several months and can take their time looking for a new entrance. They will always follow the light and find another way out usually through a light fixture or wall plug.  We get calls every year from scared customers with bees pouring into their homes because they made this mistake.” – Sandor

We Love Our Team

We love our team of beekeepers and appreciate the work they do. Each member of our team is passionate about bees and the environmental large picture. if you are facing a problem with bees or wasps, give us a call to learn about our solutions. Our team is sure to solve your bee issues, and you will learn so much about the world of beekeeping and how impactful beekeeping is to the environment.