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Safe Bee Removal

safe bee removal dallasRemoving bees from a property can be a dangerous job. The Little Giant Beekeepers team can help safely eliminate you bees from your property.

There are different options for people who need bees removed from their property. We offer both live bee removal and bee exterminations.

Live Bee Removals
When handling live removals, our top priority is always to salvage the hive and then relocate to an apiary, where it will be used for honey production or pollination. In some instances live removals are not possible, due to a difficult location of the bees or an extremely aggressive “Africanized” hive. We also do not recommend live removals in high-traffic areas due to the risk of others getting stung.

Bee Extermination

Some situations call for immediate service and may require extermination. In these cases, we do use pesticide to accomplish this. The typical procedure is that we exterminate first and then remove hive later.

For more details on our Safe Bee Removal, contact the experts at Little Giant Beekeepers.

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