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Bee and Wasp Removal Addison

Bee Removal Services in Addison, Texas

Little Giant Beekeepers’ staff consists of ethical beekeepers who are experts in bee and wasp removal. We are dependable bee and wasp removal specialists in Addison, TX with more than 40 years of experience. We love bees and all they have to offer. In fact, every product from the beehive can be used for medicinal purposes. Their pollen is also nutritious and vitamin-rich. Bees pollinate crops and provide us with the produce that’s in many of our diets and food for a number of other animals. That’s why we will always employ safe bee removal methods first, and only use pesticides as a last resort. They take care of us, and we’ll try to take care of them too!

Why you shouldn’t kill bees yourself?

The pesky bees that keep building hives on your front porch and in your utility shed are certainly a nuisance. No one would blame you for losing your patience and trying to knock down the hive with a broom handle. Though we would strongly recommend against it. Taking care of bee removal needs on your own can be dangerous and inefficient. 

First, if you swat at a bee it may emit a distress signal and other bees will come to its aid. If you kill the bee a swarm may attack you once they pick up on the dead bee’s alarm signal, especially if it was their queen. Africanized Honey bees in particular are known for their violent hive attacks and currently reside in more than half of Texas. Africanized Honey Bees are also known as the “killer bees” you may have heard about in the news. These bees aren’t more venomous than the European bees we’re accustomed to. However, if a swarm of them attacks you it may result in death. 

Wasps can also be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. If you spot a wasp’s nest get in touch so we can promptly remove it. 

How a bee and wasp removal service can prevent reoccurring hives

If you’ve already removed a beehive several times over, and each year like clockwork bees build a hive in the same place chances aren’t it wasn’t properly removed. This is a risk you run if you choose to remove a hive yourself, instead of employing a professional bee and wasp removal service like Little Giant Beekeepers. Our expert bee removal team will remove the bees and ensure that the entire hive is removed. Then, the area should be properly cleaned so future generations of bees don’t pick up the previous colony’s scent. 

Little Giant Beekeeper’s hive removal services

When you spot a swarm of bees building on your property, contact us right away! This is especially important in the spring and summertime. Once bees establish a hive they will quickly fill it with bees, larvae, honey, and wax. This heavy structure can cause damage to your property. It can also present a danger when bees and wasps are taking up residence in your home. As soon as you notice a problem, we can manage a quick and safe hive removal, and the necessary cleanup if honey is present in the beehive. Don’t hesitate to take care of this situation, especially if you have a bee allergy, children, or pets that may be stung. 

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.