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Bee and Wasp Removal Bedford

Bee and Wasp Removal in Bedford, Texas

Bees are essential to the ecosystem, but they can be a great disturbance if they are living inside your home or yard. They are hard-working and are ready to put up a fight as soon as they feel threatened. Getting stung by a bee can be life-threatening if you are allergic to them. Even if you aren’t, these stings can cause great pain for days. Therefore, if you notice these insects around your home, you need professional help. Luckily, Little Giant Beekeepers is an experienced bee hive removal company in Bedford, Texas. Give us a call, and we’ll get there as quickly as possible!

Safe Bee Removal Services

We have a great love and respect for the honeybees. Without them, our ecosystem would suffer greatly. The honey created by them has health and medical benefits as well. That is why we practice safe and ethical bee hive removal services. Once we have taken them away from your home, we relocate them to a new one, far away from you. And we only use pesticides as a last resort.

Prevent Future Infestations

When we remove the beehive, we make sure that we don’t leave any remains behind. The entire area is cleaned out, so no future bees can trace it down and resettle there. We also offer several tips for preventing future infestations, such as using caulking to fill in cracks in walls and the roof. For instance, you can cover any holes in the trees, chimney, ground, or other parts of the house structure. Mesh screens can also do wonders. Don’t leave any trash lying around, especially trash that can be used as a shelter. 

Our Comprehensive Services

Little Giant Beekeepers offers many different services including:

We deliver all of our services with speed and at an affordable price. Our team uses the latest equipment to ensure that no scent or residue is left behind; so you can rest assured that no bees will be coming back. The best part is that we are right here in Bedford, Texas. We are only a call away!

Act Promptly!

One beehive can have up to 50 thousand bees. The queen bee’s main job is to procreate. They do this all within a span of a few weeks in spring. Once they establish their home, there is no foreseeable future for when they will leave. Unless you hire a professional team like us. Get rid of the beehive before the numbers increase, and your house is swarmed with bees.

Little Giant Beekeepers Expert Bee Removal Services

If your home is located in Bedford, Texas, or anywhere else in the Dallas area, you can count on us! We deliver superior bee control services, and our job isn’t done until our customers are satisfied. We have decades of experience under our belt and have seen every bee problem there is. No job is too little or too big for us. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll make your home safe again!

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.