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Bee and Wasp Removal Granbury

Granbury, TX

Little Giant Beekeepers & Bee Removal Specialists is a company with a decades-long tradition. It all began in 1980 when Louise and Harold Wright started experimenting with honey and discovering its healing properties.

Over the years, their hobby has developed into something beautiful, and their bee removal business has grown. They understand the importance of bees and know how to deal with them. Today, they offer bee removal and relocation services all over Texas.

What to Do if You Discover a Bee Swarm or Hive?

Finding a beehive in your home is not the end of the world, but you need to know how to approach the situation. The best course of action would be to determine whether the nest belongs to a colony of bees or wasps. Of course, you shouldn’t poke it with a stick to see what flies out. In fact, the smartest thing you can do is call a bee removal company.

If you are allergic to bees or wasps, approaching the nest can pose a serious health hazard, so you shouldn’t try to deal with it on your own. Furthermore, there are different types of bees that can make a home in your backyard. While they may or may not be dangerous, they are still precious, and you should avoid hurting them.

Trying to remove the hive yourself can result in your getting stung. Moreover, you may fail to remove it successfully. Your goal should be not only to remove the hive but also to prevent it from reappearing in the future.

Bee Removal Services in Granbury, Texas

If you live in Granbury, you’re in luck! This charming city in Texas is home to thousands of people, and finding a professional live bee removal service is as easy as it can be. All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll come to your rescue in no time. We do both bee and wasp removal, so whatever type of infestation you have at your place, we will be able to help you.

Those concerned about the bees’ wellbeing should know that we care about them as well. Our methods are safe, and we always try to remove them alive and relocate them.

When Is the Best Time for Bee Removal?

Those who have recently discovered a hive in their home will want to know how to approach the situation. When is the best moment to remove it? The chances of the problem disappearing without interference are slim. This means that you should act as soon as possible.

The easiest time of the year for removal is winter or early spring. As for the time of the day, the evening is the most convenient. However, we can help you regardless of the time of the year or day, and you won’t have to wait a couple of months to get rid of the hive. While everyone loves bees, having them in your home is not the most pleasant thing you can imagine, and we would like to help you as soon as possible.

Why Us?

At Little Giant Beekeepers & Bee Removal Specialists, we have over forty years of experience, and we live in your neighborhood. We know everything about bees and how to remove them safely so that you don’t need to worry about them.

What happens if you have a wasp nest in your home? We can remove those as well. Leave it to us to solve your infestation problem. Whether it is an Africanized bee or honey bee removal, all you need to do is contact us. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have, and we’ll be happy to help. 

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.