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Bee and Wasp Removal Mesquite

Live Bee Removal Services in Mesquite, Texas

If your home or business is infested with bees or wasps, you need professional live bee removal services. Don’t try to complete the task yourself, for bees and wasps get angry easily and will die to protect their clan. This is a job for a professional team; Little Giant Beekeepers has you covered. We have been offering bee removal services for over 30 years in Mesquite and surrounding areas. We can handle whatever bee problem comes our way.

The Hustle of the Beehive

Bees are very good at getting cozy in unsuspecting resident’s homes and yards. A beehive is like a busy city, bees bustling inside and outside of it. It is ruled by the queen bee, who continuously lays all of the eggs and makes the hive stronger. A good queen bee can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day during the spring! Once the queen bee dies, she is immediately replaced by a new one. Below the queen bee are the worker bees, who are busy building and performing other vital jobs. They forage for pollen and nectar, feed the larvae, defend the nest, and ensure the survival of the nest. They are not bees to be messed with. When they pass away, the queen bee replaces them. Lastly, there are the drone bees. These are the larger bees you may see hanging around the nest. They are the male bees whose sole purpose is to mate with an unfertilized queen. Unfortunately, a nest can stay in your home indefinitely unless it is removed. 

We Always Get Our Bee

If you are looking for bee removal services near you, Little Giant Beekeepers is here to help. We service residential and commercial spaces in Mesquite, Texas. Better yet, we’re only a phone call away. Are you noticing bees buzzing around your home or hanging out by your trees? Stay safe with professional bee control services. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team of bee removal specialists. We won’t leave until the last bee is removed from your property. Aside from our bee and wasp removal, we offer protection against yellow jackets, bumblebees, and other stinging insects.

Get Expert Bee and Hive Removal Services with Little Giant Beekeepers

Beehives are commonly found in wooded areas. They like to establish themselves in chimneys, walls, eaves of homes, sheds, and trees to name a few. Don’t underestimate the threat of bees. Their stings are painful and can even be life-threatening to people that are allergic to their venom. If you try swatting at one bee, others will come to its aid. You’re not just messing with one bee, but with a whole colony of them. Little Giant Beekeepers has all the right equipment, training, and expertise to get the job done properly and safely. We have been removing bees from homes for over 3 decades. If you see bees in any of the places mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to call us. We will gladly remove the bees with our exceptional services in Mesquite, Texas. Little Giant Beekeepers will get the job done efficiently and return your home to a safe and peaceful state once again.

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.