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Your Local Beekeeping Experts in Midlothian, Texas

What Our Customers Say

Client Testimonials

Katrina Harrison
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We had been noticing bees showing up in our family room and wanted to see if we could get them removed safely. Manuel came out the same day and did a great job! He really explained the process to me and what next steps we could take. Since they where in our chimney he used a producte to exterminate, but that would be safe to humans and pets, minus coy fish which luckily we don't have. I really appreciated the service and information!
Brian Johnson
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Had a bunch of bees trying to make a home in our home. Mary scheduled the appointment for the next day. Jeff responded and took care of the problem. He explained what he was doing and provided follow up Instructions Very quick work, we were pleased with their service.
Zhen Lin
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Called Missy and she's very kind and explained me of the details about bees treatment and their service. Very patient and detail. Technician Jeff came the next day morning and is also very professional to explain me the situation and took all the detail pics. Overall it's a good service experience.
Alejandro Unda
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Jefferson was excellent at determining the problem, applying the initial treatment, and explaining further procedures. He represented the company well, kept a very jovial and gentlemanly attitude. Overall, everything went well; looking forward to the removal of the comb. Thank you for the service.
Kim Kao
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No one wants to see bees coming in and out of your brick in their house! We have quarterly pest control and they were zero help. Little Giant Beekeepers to the rescue! From the phone call to treatment the staff was amazing. They were out the next day and we have had zero issues since. Definitely recommend.
Janice McCarroll
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As of 3 days later the bees are gone and the wasp nest removed. very good job. I thought it was a little over priced for 3 hours work.

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.

Little Giant BeeKeepers is here to be your trusted partner in beekeeping services in Midlothian, Texas. With a deep-rooted commitment to environmental preservation and safety, we offer a wide range of bee and stinging insect removal services to ensure the well-being of both our clients and the precious pollinators that play a crucial role in our ecosystem.

Midlothian, Texas

Midlothian is a thriving community located in Ellis County, Texas, known for its scenic beauty and warm, welcoming residents. Little Giant BeeKeepers is proud to serve this vibrant city and the surrounding areas with our top-notch bee and stinging insect removal services. Whether you’re dealing with a buzzing hive in your backyard or need assistance in relocating a beehive from your property, we are here to provide safe, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions.

Our Bee and Wasp Removal Services

Bee Removal

Bees are vital pollinators, but when they establish their hives in inconvenient or dangerous locations, it’s essential to remove them safely. Little Giant BeeKeepers specializes in bee removal, using humane and eco-friendly methods. Our experienced beekeepers will assess the situation and implement the most suitable removal techniques, ensuring the protection of both the bees and our clients.

Full Hive Removal

When a full beehive takes up residence on your property, it can pose a significant threat. Little Giant BeeKeepers offers full hive removal services to completely eliminate the hive, preventing any future infestations. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and expert techniques to ensure a thorough and efficient hive removal while safeguarding the environment.

Yellow Jackets Removal

Yellow jackets are aggressive stinging insects that can be a nuisance and a danger to your family. At Little Giant BeeKeepers, we have the expertise and equipment to safely remove yellow jacket nests from your property. Our technicians use specialized methods to locate and remove these stinging insects, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Wasp Removal

Wasps are notorious for building nests in hard-to-reach places, making removal a challenging task for homeowners. Little Giant BeeKeepers is well-equipped to handle wasp nest removal efficiently and safely. Our team will identify the nest’s location, employ the necessary protective measures, and remove the wasps without causing harm to you or the environment.

Why Choose Little Giant BeeKeepers?

At Little Giant BeeKeepers, we take pride in being the leading beekeeping company in Midlothian, Texas. When you choose us for your bee and stinging insect removal needs, you can expect the following advantages:

Experience and Expertise

Our team of beekeepers and technicians has years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of bee and stinging insect issues. They are knowledgeable about the behavior and biology of these insects, allowing them to provide the most effective and humane solutions.

Safety First

The safety of our clients and the well-being of the environment are our top priorities. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic methods for bee and stinging insect removal to minimize harm to both humans and pollinators.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure efficient and precise bee and stinging insect removal. Our advanced technology helps us access nests in challenging locations and complete removal tasks with minimal disruption.

Humane Bee Removal

We understand the importance of bees in the ecosystem, and our bee removal techniques prioritize their survival and well-being. We relocate them to a safer environment, ensuring their continued role as essential pollinators.

Prompt Response

Bee and stinging insect infestations can pose immediate risks to your property and well-being. That’s why we offer quick and efficient response times to address your concerns and provide the necessary services promptly.

The Importance of Bee and Stinging Insect Removal

Bees, wasps, and other stinging insects are vital to our ecosystem, playing a crucial role in pollinating plants and ensuring our food supply. However, when these insects establish their hives or nests in residential or commercial properties, they can become a significant threat to human safety.

Stinging insects, such as yellow jackets and wasps, can cause painful stings, allergies, and even life-threatening reactions in some individuals. It is essential to remove their nests promptly to ensure the safety of your family, friends, and guests.

Bees, on the other hand, should be removed with care, as they are beneficial pollinators. Our bee removal services prioritize the protection and relocation of these essential insects while addressing the problems they may pose on your property.

Contact Little Giant BeeKeepers Today

If you’re in Midlothian, Texas, and are facing bee, yellow jacket, or wasp infestations, don’t hesitate to reach out to Little Giant BeeKeepers. We are your local experts in bee and stinging insect removal, offering a range of services designed to meet your specific needs.

With a commitment to safety, eco-friendliness, and the preservation of these essential pollinators, we are the top choice for beekeeping services in the Midlothian area. Contact us today for a consultation, and our experienced team will assess your situation and provide a tailored solution that ensures your well-being and the protection of our environment.

At Little Giant BeeKeepers, we believe in coexisting with nature and providing humane solutions to bee and stinging insect problems. Choose us for your bee removal, full hive removal, yellow jackets removal, and wasp removal needs, and experience the difference our expertise and commitment to safety can make in ensuring a peaceful, bee-friendly environment in Midlothian, Texas.