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Remove Wasps and Bees in Your Parker, Texas, Property

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What Our Customers Say

Client Testimonials

Katrina Harrison
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We had been noticing bees showing up in our family room and wanted to see if we could get them removed safely. Manuel came out the same day and did a great job! He really explained the process to me and what next steps we could take. Since they where in our chimney he used a producte to exterminate, but that would be safe to humans and pets, minus coy fish which luckily we don't have. I really appreciated the service and information!
Brian Johnson
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Had a bunch of bees trying to make a home in our home. Mary scheduled the appointment for the next day. Jeff responded and took care of the problem. He explained what he was doing and provided follow up Instructions Very quick work, we were pleased with their service.
Zhen Lin
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Called Missy and she's very kind and explained me of the details about bees treatment and their service. Very patient and detail. Technician Jeff came the next day morning and is also very professional to explain me the situation and took all the detail pics. Overall it's a good service experience.
Alejandro Unda
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Jefferson was excellent at determining the problem, applying the initial treatment, and explaining further procedures. He represented the company well, kept a very jovial and gentlemanly attitude. Overall, everything went well; looking forward to the removal of the comb. Thank you for the service.
Kim Kao
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No one wants to see bees coming in and out of your brick in their house! We have quarterly pest control and they were zero help. Little Giant Beekeepers to the rescue! From the phone call to treatment the staff was amazing. They were out the next day and we have had zero issues since. Definitely recommend.
Janice McCarroll
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As of 3 days later the bees are gone and the wasp nest removed. very good job. I thought it was a little over priced for 3 hours work.

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.

Let’s remove wasps and bees in Parker, Texas, by getting in touch with Little Giant Beekeepers today. We are one of the top bee experts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have been in the industry since 1980, and we have the expertise and equipment to get those critters off your property in a timely manner.

Where Do Wasps Usually Hide?

Wasps are considered pests due to the nasty stings they can deliver, but they can also be beneficial to the environment by helping to control other insect populations. Wasps are social insects, often living in colonies in nests made of paper pulp. They are most commonly found in sheltered areas on a property such as under roof eaves, in wall voids, or in attics.

Wasps may also nest in hollow trees, decaying logs, hollow stumps, and cracks in concrete. They may choose to nest in sheltered areas like garages, sheds, and attics. They are also attracted to sweet-smelling plants and flowers, so they may be found in gardens and around outdoor eating areas. 

Because wasps prefer sheltered areas, they will often hide in cracks and crevices in brick walls, under the edges of siding, and in other areas that provide shelter and access to food. They are also drawn to lights and will often build their nests close to porch lights or other outdoor lights. Finally, they can also be found around window frames, door frames, and other areas where they can access the home.

How to Maintain Your Property to Prevent Wasps and Bees

Maintaining your property to avoid becoming a target for bees and wasps does not have to be difficult. The key is to be proactive and to put in place some simple steps to prevent and discourage bees and wasps from setting up residence on your property. 

  • Make sure the shrubs and grass around your home are trimmed regularly. 
  • Eliminate water sources wasps may be able to drink.
  • Cap the chimney and fill holes along your rooflines.
  • Weatherstrip the house so wasps can’t sneak inside.
  • Keep your compost covered.
  • Keep the trash closed.
  • Prune shrubs and trees regularly to prevent hiding places for wasps and bees.

Removing Wasps and Bees from Your Property in Parker, Texas

Although you can try to prevent wasps and bees from accumulating on your property, sometimes, it’s too late or not enough. That’s where we come in. Removing wasps and bees from your property in Parker, Texas, is a task that should not be taken lightly. Wasps and bees are beneficial to the environment and can help pollinate your plants and crops, but they can also become a nuisance when they make their nests near your home or business. 

If you have a nesting problem, it is best to seek our professional help to remove them. Before we attempt to remove wasps or bees from your property, we will identify what kind of insect it is. Wasps and bees look similar but can be identified by their size and color. Wasps are generally larger and have a more slender body with yellow and black stripes, while bees are smaller and have a rounder body with a fuzzy coat. Once we have identified the insect, we will tailor our services to get the job done efficiently.