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Save The Bees: What You Should Know About Live Bee Removals

When you notice bees buzzing around your property, your first reaction might be to swat at them for fear of getting stung. But Little Giant Beekeepers is here to tell you that a bee only stings when it feels threatened by you. Still, we know that bees can’t be left to swarm around your Dallas-Fort Worth home, which is why we offer live bee removals. After all, stings can cause serious health issues and heavy beehives can damage your home. But amid the inconvenience try to remember that bees are essential to our ecosystem and food production. Their honey also has many health and medical benefits. Sadly, the bee population has been dwindling in recent years, and some species are now endangered. This is why we encourage Texas homeowners to avoid bee extermination whenever possible. Luckily, Little Giant Beekeepers offers professional live bee removal services. We remove the beehives, without harming the bees if possible.

What Are Live Bee Removals?

During live bee removals, our beekeepers remove the beehive and relocate it to a place far away from people and buildings. This gives bees a second chance at life so they can continue pollinating and making honey. We like to think of this as a win-win situation. Our beekeepers use special equipment to safely remove and relocate the bees. Some of these tools include temporary hive boxes and live bee removal vacuums. The equipment is designed to keep the majority of the bees alive throughout the relocation process. We also only use chemicals as a last resort.

Benefits of Live Bee Removals

Bees pollinate about three-quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food. They are very important to the global food supply. Live bee removal services preserve future generations of bees. By removing and relocating them safely, the queen bee can continue to reproduce undisturbed. 

Beehives can house up to 50,000 bees. That’s a lot of lives in one hive! But with our expertise, it’s possible to move every single one of them and all remnants of the hive. To prevent future infestations, we thoroughly clean the area. This ensures no scent is left behind that will draw future generations of bees.

Not Always Sunny 

While keeping the bees alive during a live bee removal is our priority, we can’t fully guarantee that no bees will be harmed in the process. Bees aren’t built to sustain a lot of trauma– honey bees die after just one sting. Therefore, live bee removal services could hurt some of the bees even if that’s not the intention. 

There are also other factors that determine if a live bee removal is even possible. If bees resist or built their hive in a difficult location, extermination may be the only option. Likewise, chemicals might be used there’s no other viable solution. You and your family’s safety comes first. Little Giant Beekeepers will do whatever it takes to uphold that.

Little Giant Beekeepers to the Rescue

If you discover an unwanted beehive on your property, don’t hesitate to call Little Giant Beekeepers! We offer the best professional live bee removal services in North Texas. We always get our bee, and we even guarantee our work with a five-year warranty. Our team has over four decades of experience, and we only use safe techniques and specialized equipment to complete our work. Get in touch with us today, to learn more about our services. Let’s keep fighting to keep the bees alive!

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Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.