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Is my Honey Bee Hive a Candidate for Live Removal?

Help! I have honey bees living in my house walls, can you do a live honey bee hive removal? Little Giant Beekeepers receives this question a lot, and the answer is usually, YES! Until it happens to you, most of our clients do not realize that bees can take up residence right in their home’s exterior. The good news is if you don’t want to share your home with bees, we can often perform a live hive removal.

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bees smart

Are Bees The Smartest Insect?

Do bees actually think? Here’s a fascinating podcast from Science Friday that just might answer the question – are bees the smartest insect? It’s long been

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How to Bee Proof Your Home

Whether you’ve had a previous bee infestation, or are just trying to prevent one, there are several easy ways you can protect your house. We’ve

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