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Let’s Get the Bees Off Your Property in Burleson, Texas

bee swarm in property
What Our Customers Say

Client Testimonials

Katrina Harrison
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We had been noticing bees showing up in our family room and wanted to see if we could get them removed safely. Manuel came out the same day and did a great job! He really explained the process to me and what next steps we could take. Since they where in our chimney he used a producte to exterminate, but that would be safe to humans and pets, minus coy fish which luckily we don't have. I really appreciated the service and information!
Brian Johnson
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Had a bunch of bees trying to make a home in our home. Mary scheduled the appointment for the next day. Jeff responded and took care of the problem. He explained what he was doing and provided follow up Instructions Very quick work, we were pleased with their service.
Zhen Lin
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Called Missy and she's very kind and explained me of the details about bees treatment and their service. Very patient and detail. Technician Jeff came the next day morning and is also very professional to explain me the situation and took all the detail pics. Overall it's a good service experience.
Alejandro Unda
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Jefferson was excellent at determining the problem, applying the initial treatment, and explaining further procedures. He represented the company well, kept a very jovial and gentlemanly attitude. Overall, everything went well; looking forward to the removal of the comb. Thank you for the service.
Kim Kao
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No one wants to see bees coming in and out of your brick in their house! We have quarterly pest control and they were zero help. Little Giant Beekeepers to the rescue! From the phone call to treatment the staff was amazing. They were out the next day and we have had zero issues since. Definitely recommend.
Janice McCarroll
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As of 3 days later the bees are gone and the wasp nest removed. very good job. I thought it was a little over priced for 3 hours work.

Got Bees?

Don’t let little bees become a giant problem! Contact Little Giant Beekeepers.

Little Giant Beekeepers is the perfect choice for removing beehives from your property in Burleson, Texas. With over 40 years of experience in bee removal and extermination, Little Giant Beekeepers has the skill and knowledge to quickly and safely remove beehives from your property. We understand the importance of removing beehives in a timely manner and are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. Little Giant Beekeepers uses the most advanced bee removal techniques, ensuring that the job is done quickly and safely. Let’s get those bees off your property.

Our team has the expertise to identify the type of bees present and tailor our approach to the specific situation. This ensures that the beehives are removed in an effective and humane way. Little Giant Beekeepers understands the importance of safety when dealing with bees. We take the necessary precautions to ensure that no one is at risk of being stung or injured during the bee removal process. We also provide a warranty on their service, giving you peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time. 

Control the Bees in Burleson, Texas

Why You Need Expert Bee Removal Services

The bee population in Burleson, Texas, has been steadily increasing over the years. Bees are important pollinators and they are necessary for the health of our environment and our food supply. Unfortunately, bees can also be dangerous, especially when they build hives or nests on residential or commercial properties. When this happens, bee removal services are needed to ensure the safety of the people and animals living in the area. 

Bee removal services are necessary because bees can be very aggressive when they feel threatened. This can lead to stings or even a full-on attack, which can be dangerous and even deadly in some cases. Additionally, bees can cause a great deal of damage to property, as they can chew through wood and other materials to create their nests. 

Finally, bees can also create a great deal of noise, which can be disruptive to the peace and quiet of your home or business. For these reasons, it is important to seek out a professional bee removal service if you live in or near Burleson, Texas. Bee removal services can safely and effectively remove bees from your property without any harm to either the bees or the people living in the area. In addition, these services will also help to prevent further infestations.

How to Protect Yourself Against Bees and Wasps

To protect yourself against bees and wasps, it is important to first identify the type of bee or wasp you are dealing with. Bees are typically yellow, black, or brown and fuzzy in appearance, while wasps are typically shiny and have a thin waist. If you come into contact with either, it is important to remain calm and move away slowly.

Do not swat at them, as this may cause them to become agitated and sting. If you find a nest of bees or wasps, it is important to not disturb it. Instead, call us to help you remove the nest safely. Do not attempt to remove the nest yourself, as this may cause the bees or wasps to become agitated and attack. 

If you are outdoors, it is important to wear light colors and long clothing to help protect yourself from bee and wasp stings. Additionally, avoid wearing floral scents, as this may attract them. 

Little Giant Beekeepers in Burleson, Texas

If you are dealing with a swarm of bees on your property, don’t hesitate to call Little Giant Beekeepers today. We have been in the bee removal business since 1980. We know the tricks and have the expertise to remove bees and wasps in a timely manner. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!